BTCnDash is a web-based dashboard displaying information about the status of a bitcoin node such as currently connected peers, recent transactions forwarded, bandwidth usage, and network stats like hash rate. Most items are generated automatically or retrieved from the bitcoind server itself via RPC calls.

BTCnDash is meant to be lightweight, and with the assumption that there will be very low traffic to the dashboard. As such, it does not use a full webserver like Nginx or apache. It uses the Bottle microframework and generates static status pages on a schedule. Python’s WSGI reference server is used as the actual webserver, but Bottle (and therefore BTCnDash) can be served by lots of different servers. You could also simply serve the statics pages only.

Python 2.7 is required. Python 3.5 works, but is not as well tested! Bitcoin Core v0.12 through v0.14 appear to work, but the latest v0.14 has not been thoroughly tested.

Author and Acknowledgements

BTCnDash is written and maintained by Matt Doiron <> and is released under the GPL v3 license. The source can be found on the Bitbucket page. Hope you find it useful! If so, please consider donating Bitcoin to 1AHT2Zq7JneADw94M8uCdKRrqVZfhrTBYM

Thanks to those who make great tools like these that make BTCnDash possible:

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