Customization Guide

BTCnDash is customizable, allowing users to choose which tiles are displayed on the index page and also in which order they are displayed. Advanced users can also create custom tiles.

Tiles and Their Order

To modify how tiles are displayed, change the pages variable in the config.json file. The default index page is shown below:

"pages": {
    "index": {
      "template": "index.tpl",
      "static": "index.html",
      "title": "Bitcoin Node Status",
      "tiles": [ ["general2", "nodedetails", "mempool"],
                 ["bandwidth_summary", "network", "bandwidth"],
                 ["bitnodes", "donate2", "21co_fees"] ]

In the above snippet, the tiles variable is a list of lists, with each list being a row on the index page. The names in each row are the names of a tile to display. If, for example, we wanted to remove the donate tile, leaving a blank in its place, and swap the bitnodes and mempool tiles, we would change the tiles variable to look like the following:

"tiles": [ ["general2", "nodedetails", "bitnodes"],
           ["bandwidth_summary", "network", "bandwidth"],
           ["mempool", "blank", "21co_fees"] ]

Currently, there can be no more than three tiles in each row, but advanced users could modify the tiles to allow other arrangements. Also, new pages cannot currently be added - users can modify the current four pages only: index, peers, tx and 404.

Creating New Tiles

Advanced users may be able to create their own tiles by copying one of the various tiles currently available and modifying as they see fit. BTCnDash uses Bottle’s Simple Template Engine so users can reference its documentation for details on how to modify the temples.

Various data is available to templates in the form of a dictionary called data. The keys of this dictionary include all config variables, and any variables returned by the RPC commands specified in the tiles section of the config.json file. A sample is see below:

"tiles": {
    "general2": {
      "template": "general2.tpl",
      "rpc_commands": [ "getnetworkinfo", "getblockchaininfo" ]

In the above snippet, the getnetworkinfo and getblockchaininfo RPC commands will be run and their results available to all templates if the general2 tile is specified in the pages variable of the config.json file. Each RPC command will be called only once, regardless of how many times it may be listed in various tiles.